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The owner of Casa Dona Rosa, Gerrit, is always ready to organize day trips in the beautiful surroundings of Cumbuco. He likes to show the different landscapes and typical Brazilian way of life. Along the way he also lets you enjoy the culinary delights of the area.

Also possible; city tours, the famous evening market at the Beira Mar and a swinging Brazilian night in the Piratabar. Don't forget to visit the shopping malls of Fortaleza!

Quad Trip Excursion
Nice views

Welcoming tour

A must for anyone who wants to know the surroundings of Cumbuco! After breakfast we depart from Casa Dona Rosa to go through a number of typical Brazilian farming businesses to nearby Caucaia, a suburb of Fortaleza, to visit the traditional covered market. You'll find an overwhelming selection of fruits, vegetables, fish and meat, as well as clothing and souvenirs, which will surely have something you like. Above all, we go for the typical Brazilian atmosphere you will enjoy.

After the bustle of the market, we drive to an oasis in the mountains to enjoy a fantastic view of the coast. The view over the dunes of Cumbuco and Tabuba and in clear weather over the skyline of Fortaleza is always good for some nice photos. We continue our drive through a swamp area that is completely under water after the rainy season, so to see a variety of animals such as iguanas and birds on the way! Through a few typical rural villages where people still live in mud huts. We get to view the "Omnibus", a stranded bus on the side of the road where the owner is always ready for a demonstration of how to make a fresh fruit juice from one of the many species of seasonal fruit. After this short stop we drive to Taiba, a fishing village north of Cumbuco to have lunch in a Pousada and with a beautifully landscaped garden where hummingbirds everywhere lap up the honey of rich flowers.

After lunch we continue our journey through the wonderful varying landscape to Cauipe, a lagoon beach which is world famous as Kitesurf Location! You will love the incredible stunts these artists perform. At the end of the afternoon we drive through the rugged dunes of the beach back to Cumbuco to finish the day with a fascinating sunset over the dunes.

Fresh products in Cumbuco
Cumbuco, the market
Excursion on the beach
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City tour Fortaleza

Starting from Casa Dona Rosa in the afternoon, about 3 o'clock, to Avenida Senhor Tabosa either called Bikini Street. Bikini Street is a long shopping street which owes its name to the many boutiques that make custom made bikinis; you point out a material and the size sheet and after an hour your bikini is ready. But also many other boutiques with designer clothing, bags and sportswear shoes provide a few hours of shopping! Next we visit the night market on the Beira Mar, the Copac Cabana Fortaleza. The hundreds of stalls selling handmade clothes and souvenirs. There are also street performers and musicians that create a romantic atmosphere. Settle down at one of the many cafes and submurge into the South American Life whilst, ofcourse, enjoying a cocktail!

Afterwards we drive to Praia Iracema, the entertainment district of Fortaleza with its many restaurants, bars and nightclubs to enjoy dinner in restaurant La Marea, specializing in "Surf 'n Turf" a combination of grilled lobster and filet mignon, Delicious! After dinner, a walk on the pier is a must, if you choose to do this tour on Monday then a visit to the Pirata bar is a possibility. The Pirata bar is the largest outdoor nightclub in Fortaleza with shows and brazilian bands which make it look like you're visiting the carnaval of Rio de Janeiro.

Fortaleza city
Beaches Fortaleza

Kite tours

From Cumbuco you can make a fantastic "downwinder" for about seven kilometers to the nearby Lagoa do Cauipe, a laguna on the beach where the water is flat and shallow but the wind is as strong and stable as at sea, an ideal place for the novice kiter for learning and for the experienced kiter to refine your skills !! On lago do Cauipe you will find a wide variety of Barraca with fantastic fresh fish, lobster and shrimp you can order for little money. Downwinders will be picked up at the end of the day on the beach or at the dunes is also no problem! Picking-up and delivery is also possible.

Kiting, Kitesurfing in Cumbuco, Brazil